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Put Your Phone
(And Yourself)
in Vacation Mode

If National Lampoon’s Vacation were filmed today, Clark Griswold might be too focused on his smartphone to spot that blue whale surfacing or to take in the Steamboat Geyser eruption—and the joke wouldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, Americans check their phones an average of 80 times a day while on vacation.

A recent study conducted by Asurion shows that over 50 percent of vacationers admit to being distracted by their phones—even to the point of tripping, bumping into something, or missing their destination.

Even though people go on vacation to de-stress and relax, they don’t take a break from their phones. More than 46 percent said they use their phones to stay connected with friends and family, and 20 percent said they need their phones to help them get around.

Top 5 reasons we reach for our phones

  1. Capturing a photo
  2. Finding directions
  3. Answering a phone call
  4. Responding to a text
  5. Looking for a place to eat
  6. Using your phone is somewhat inevitable, but disconnecting once in a while is important. Here are three ways to take a break from your phone on your next vacay:

    Use Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb silences calls, texts, and notifications, but gives you the flexibility to still hear from your favorite people, especially in the case of an emergency. Learn more about Do Not Disturb for your iPhone or Android.

    Hide your distracting apps

    Try putting the apps you use most in a folder and moving them off your Home screen. That way you’re less tempted to check them every time you unlock your phone.

    If you’re trying to limit your time on social media, check out our video on scaling back.

    Use an app to manage screen time

    There are apps that help you track the time you spend on your phone and send you nudges to put it down.

    • Forest incentivizes you to put down your phone by giving you a virtual forest to take care of. The less you use your phone, the more your forest grows.
    • Space creates goals based on what type of phone user you are (like a social media addict or a gamer) and sets limits for time on your phone and how often you unlock it.

    With less distraction from your phone, you won’t need to climb a tree for better reception…like 6 percent of people have actually done.

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