How Strava turned my bike commute into a race

January 22, 2018 5:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
The mobile app, Strava, has allowed me to tap into my inner athlete while making me feel like I’m playing a video game. I’ve been using Strava for the last few years to track my performance on my bike commutes. I’m super competitive and the community feature is what makes me race to work. It also works for running and swimming.

Tracks and analyzes performance

Strava measures several of your stats, like distance, path, and elevation gain. If you have wearables that track heart rate, this data will also sync with your metrics. You can analyze your efforts through the app or website, and share your sessions with friends or post to social media.

Compete with a global community

It’s really cool how Strava overlaps the digital world with the physical world. The first thing I do when I finish a ride is check Strava and see how well I performed against my previous self and other racers. When you cross a new section on your bike, called a race segment, you get ranked against riders who have completed this segment. They can be as short as a few hundred feet of a grueling hill or as long as a few miles. You can earn achievements such as personal records or at best—King of the Hill. Check out Strava on Google Play or the App Store. I hope others will enhance their fitness routine by giving Strava a whirl.

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