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3 apps to help you practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a process that makes you more aware of the present moment and helps you feel more at peace with your emotions. With these apps, you can practice being mindful on your own—anywhere, anytime.


Guides you through meditation techniques to teach you the basics of mindfulness

Other features:

  • Daily lessons
  • Themed mini-sessions
  • Practice for kids

Available here: iOS & Android

Simple Habit

Helps you build a habit of mindfulness by without disrupting your daily routine

Other features:

  • Daily guided meditation
  • Progress tracking
  • Themed sessions

Available here: iOS & Android


Helps reduce stress levels by letting you spend quiet time working in a digital coloring book

Other features:

  • Daily picture
  • Themed coloring pages
  • Gallery for your drawings

Available here: iOS (similar for Android)

Each app has a tutorial to get you started, so with any of these apps, you’re on your way to building your own mindfulness practice.

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