Yummly helps me meal plan like an adult

February 23, 2018 4:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Meal planning can be a struggle. I never decide in advance what I want to cook, and ordering a pizza sounds way more appealing than finding recipes. I started using the Yummly app (iOS or Android) to make meal planning easier. Yummly gives you personalized recipes based on your food preferences and dietary restrictions. If you don’t want to make a grocery trip, you can use the leftover ingredients in your fridge to get recommendations. Other cool features:
  • A shopping list feature that pulls all the ingredients from your recipes into one place
  • Recipe reviews and photos from the Yummly community
  • Popular recipes based on your location
  • Foodie articles, such as “Why asparagus makes your pee smell funny”
  • The ability to export your shopping list to Instacart (grocery delivery service)
If you already have your recipes and just need a place to organize them, check out these apps: Now you can plan out healthy meals for the whole week and save pizza for your cheat days.

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