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How To
Speed Up a
Slow Phone

It’s normal for an older phone to get sluggish, but there are some simple ways to speed it up without having to buy a new phone.

Have an older iPhone?
Starting with iOS 10.2.1, Apple adjusted the performance speed on phones with aging batteries to keep them from shutting down. Make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store or service location to have the battery replaced.

1. Restart your phone

An occasional restart is a great way to clear unnecessary background tasks that may be slowing down your phone. It’s a good habit to restart any of your devices (phone, computer, tablet) at least once a week.

2. Update to the latest software

Do you keep ignoring that pesky software update reminder? Software updates can actually be helpful. They get rid of bugs (not the creepy crawly kind) and improve your phone’s performance. To see if you’re up to date, look for software update in your main settings.

3. Free up space

If you’re low on storage, your phone will start to slow down. To see what’s taking up the most space, go to Settings and look for “Storage.” Usually, the biggest culprits are text messages, photos, videos, and music. Check out our tips for freeing up storage on an iPhone or Android.

If your phone is pretty old and it’s actually time to replace it, we can give you advice about the latest phones, and upgrade eligibility.

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